Bathroom full renovation to stay

on Feng Shui in the home, in order to make room in favour of living a better life, it is best to set it in the Northwest, Southeast or East direction (seen from the center of the House). Meanwhile, must avoid the main orientation of the year rushed in life for men and women (such as year of birth, and must avoid the orientation of the East).

obviously, the placement of toilet, it is a very difficult thing. North side of the present House is often set in bathroom. If the toilets in the North or Northeast direction, it must be moved to a different location. Mention of modified or removed the bathroom, a lot of people will say: "there is no space, it is very difficult to do." In fact, the bathroom takes up very little room, as long as the modified heart, go somewhere else, it would not be a significant difficulty, perhaps to do much simpler than you think. If you can avoid the North Center of 15 degrees (range). Northeast area, if you can avoid the North 15 degrees East (ugly), and Northeast 15 degrees away from the Center (Gen scope). Even if the bathrooms are on the North or Northeast direction, as long as the position from which 15 degree azimuth line. If toilet is inside this range, as long as the mobile toilet, no need for remodeling the bathroom.

If the bathroom is next door to a closet or storage room, it would have been better. At best, as long as you can swap between. Due to the different conditions of the building, sometimes simple works could not remove the toilet. At this time, might as well do as I said earlier, replacement toilet locations.

other than the North, Northeast, and Southwest orientation of the toilet is also dangerous. If you want to move, and can only moved from the West to Northwest. While the South is the orientation of the light, bathroom occupy this position, it may affect the luck.

location of mobile toilets, never make it with altars and neighbor, otherwise, it will become dangerous. In fact, easy to the dangerous spread of toilet, but a hostess as well as the elderly.

therefore, other than the North and Northeast, as long as the couple 12 to check the location of the bathroom, and then improved it. If the child intuition is quite strong, relatively quiet (not like sports) children, in bathroom hard have greater impact. Such children, if any, it should take into account their 12 earthly branches. Because of this child, a vulnerable residential Feng Shui effect.

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