Logistics systems can have a variety of modes of operation

logistics systems can have a variety of modes of operation, and also can take many forms, in accordance with current developments, mainly the following three forms:

1. The owner as the core, organization of railways, sea transport, namely production enterprises and commercial enterprises to assume the responsibilities of supply logistics.

  2. To rail or sea carrier as the core, goods supply, transportation, production companies and commercial enterprises will outsource the main line carriers sector.

  3. Forwarding to a third party as the core, goods supply and arrange for the entire transport, the implementation of the whole "one-stop" services.

in the whole logistics process, whether the shipper or the carrier must exist, due to the different respective strengths, its position is different. Owner advantage lies in the real sources of supply, and the carrier have logistics transportation, as a third party shipping agent can provide a shipper and carrier services, they carry out their duties, their ability to complete a logistics program. Which organization is best, also through market testing, who can give full play to the advantages, and create the greatest benefit, will be able to succeed and grow.

at present, under the promotion of rapid development of the logistics industry in China, asked that the e-commerce must improve its management systems and rules to address e-business cooperation between enterprises to protect the credibility and safety issues. Therefore, the logistics system, regardless of the form of the procedures and organization of operations, should first be guided by the market, rational resource allocation, with high-tech information technology as its core means of breaking the boundaries of departments, industry and ownership, establishment of a size reasonable, professional and efficient and strong market competitiveness of logistics service network.

therefore, e-commerce has promoted the development of logistics systems, and constantly improve and perfect the logistics system, also provided necessary conditions for wide application of e-commerce. Logistics and e-commerce, you have me, and I in you, depend on each other, mutual coexistence and development in order to adapt to market needs, fast international standards, participate in international competition and cooperation in market.

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