Maintenance and handling of high grade furniture

in the process of moving a lot of customers to high-end furniture more headaches, so how to maintain and carry the baby? Here are a few tips.

1, home refrigerators often are food and dirty water, can get some toothpaste onto the stain after moving hard to clean and unsightly stains can be removed. And will not damage the surface of the refrigerator.

2, in case of dirty leather sofas can be wiped with egg white. To remove stains and bring the sofa back in style.

3, plush sofas, after moving, all the work done. Found more plush sofa of dust can brush dipped in alcohol, full brush cleaning. If you want a fast drying with hair dryer. If there are traces of fruit juice and mix thoroughly with baking soda and water, clean with gauze. Stains will fade.

4, wooden furniture is not hard with a Brush tool to clean up pollution will damage the surface of the paint layer, you can apply milk to clean. After cleaning clean dirty place with a small amount of water. If it is in the process of moving sticky dust with a soft gauze wrapped in bubble tea clean. Water or cold tea.

5, cleaning the kitchen sink, we find in daily life due to long use, the kitchen sink will have a sticky layer of grease. Difficult to clean. Can help with Apple, fruit pectin can be effective in oil.

6, soft gauze dipped in water quality that are available on the surface of the wood furniture wax, water, wipe gently. If the surface move during hang clean use cod liver oil painting on a layer. Wipe clean with a damp washcloth or gauze to the next day.

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