Moving house renovation indoor fresh plants

whether in the Office or at home, both decoration and is moving, the air was filled with dust and bacteria, air fresheners and disinfectants have been unable to obtain people's trust. Want to get fresh air, or derived from natural plants the most appropriate, recommend for you the following indoor drug plants, favorite pot, bringing it home.

Monstera: are natural scavengers, you can clear the harmful substances in the air.

Green: the creatures in the "high efficiency Air Purifier" origin for Mexico Highlands. Because it can also purify the air of benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, so it is suitable for display in the newly renovated room. New flooring is just source one of the breeding grounds for harmful substances.

Gold heart spider plants: removal of harmful substances in the air, clean the air.

Africa Jasmine: the sterilization of volatile oils have significant effects. You can make people relaxed, to sleep, can improve work efficiency.

dripping water Guanyin: have clean air dust effect.

Golden Ball: day and night to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. And easy to survive.

Green Spider plants: do not choose the soil, are not strict requirements to light. Function of highly toxic gases "green cleaning" of the name.

Brazil iron: Brazil railway also known as the fragrant dracaena can be cleared of harmful substances in the air.

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