Moving the paint maintenance

paint-latex paint is an indispensable material in the decoration process, it can not only play a role in protecting furniture and wall surfaces, also can give home a wealth of content for the home to add a touch of bright color. Therefore, paint, latex paint maintenance and care have become consumers of issues of common concern.

painting and maintenance carefully: it professionals, General paint brush drying time of 3-4 hours to dry completely for 48 hours or more.

therefore, consumers within a week after the move into the new house the best don't directly scrubbing with water, lest too much paint into the water to form local "white" phenomenon. If the paint needs to be waxed, to be staying at the new House a month after implementation so that you can make full evaporation of the moisture in the substrate. Treatment of varnished surfaces caused by the impact of "white mark" can be used to slow the water wetting and scraping the surface with blade tip gently expelled from the net, reoccupy curing agent plus paint brush a mixture of film slowly pile up until 2500 meshes water sandpaper light after drying grind a few.

in addition, wind can remove paint film surface formed because of the sticky dirt track. If you cannot solve the problem or you can paint professionals for consultation.

latex paint to dirt has trick: due to latex paint surface distribution with many uniform particles, so pollutants very easy adsorption in surface Shang, to better of clear stains, Experts recommends directly with cloth dipped clean clean spirit, along pollution at gently wipe, bogey water diluted clean clean spirit and forced rotating scrub that put "alkali" sex and the dirt real into to paint film surface makes its dry Hou formed "water yellow imprinted", will pollution at wipe NET Hou again with wet towel scrub a again can. Owing to the slow winter dry paint film surface, best dry day after completion of construction to local crack open the window in case of wall surface.

when the walls caused by the impact cracked and in need of repair is the best choice PuTTY paste filling with latex paint, which guarantees dry walls no color at the bottom, and then use the paint brush or brush can be a one to two times. If you are using a spray, in order to ensure the quality of construction, the best professional repair.

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