Play corner buy points

decoration of special terms used in house design, shady corners, waist line, skirting the Visual balance, their linear feel and texture, color in the room echoed, could play a better aesthetic result. Skirting the other effects is its protection functions. In addition, the baseboard is easy to clean if you drag to splash dirty water, scrubbing very convenient.

first, play corner type of

flooring and skirting are like shoes and socks, are indispensable.

at present, the common material of the baseboard on the market timber, MDF, HDF and new material PVC polymer foam material.

important: purchase the baseboard in the quality indicators, especially in the most important environmental indicators. Among them, the PVC polymer foam formulations do not contain lead, not distributed harmful gases such as ammonia, formaldehyde and other features, make up a large share of the market. And other materials to the attention of formaldehyde emission limit values.

Second, and played angle line of quality requirements

if ground material for fine stone concrete, and cement mortar, and mill surface,, on played feet line of quality requirements is: height consistent, protruding wall surface of part thickness uniform, and wall surface combined firm, local empty drum length not is greater than 200 mm, in a check range within not than 2 at; pulled 5 noodle check its played feet line of catchy straight degrees, surface flat degrees deviation not is greater than 2 mm.

Second, play corner and house style with

skirting close to the ground, and can be easily destroyed, so kicking line shall be sufficient to damage easy and easy to clean.

the material of the baseboard used should be consistent with ground surface materials or similar color. Floor is terrazzo, wood panels and Baseboard are made with the same materials floor tile, the color of the baseboard must be identical or similar; if the living room is covered with carpet, baseboard wood is more appropriate.

part IV, play corner generally is how many

how many play corner height is more appropriate?

baseboard height is 100 mm or so, in recent years, the height of the baseboard in a little bit lower, average household use 73 mm, 80 mm and 85 mm in height, because this can make the Interior look more delicate and beautiful. In addition, the baseboard is best paired with door frame edge, can be the same width or slightly narrower, and overall sense of personal preference. Now some solid wood to play corner in the market 10-12cm in height is normal.

connection between baseboard and floor shall have a maximum clearance of less than 3mm, 1 Yuan coin, if you plug in 2 or more you may gap is too large.

paving feet with white line before the first shovel cement wall and foot paving, paving should be attention to protect the foot line, so as not to paint or paint a lot of paint to stick to the surface of the foot clear down. NET proposes to shovel cement, tile position 107 gel on the brush with a mixture of cement and tiles, so that bricks stick more firmly.

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