Geomancy knowledge audit

houses buttes in the Feng Shui and how the cut formed?

Summit is truly an all around the House there is no backing or architecture, this main house owners do not have access to a friend's help, children not filial piety or far away, or emigrate.

night glitter how did evil come in the House?

in addition, Gao door slant on the road every night when the car headlights straight into the middle of the Hall, also constitute a day and night in his eyes.

purchase separates a piece of marble, otherwise the water will splash into the furnace, and the road next to the fire will affect water, so either ask to be blocked to avoid fire and rushed.

geomancy Lian Zhen means what?

behind the General Feng Shui are focusing on something to rely on, but if you rely on the mountains are not mountains, and rocks mountain gǒu, not even a poor mountain, so cannot be Kat, this is called in Feng Shui Lian Zhen.

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