Move valuables protection

moved do to note precious items of protection, like piano, and calligraphy, and mahogany furniture, and antique, and pottery, in handling Shi do shall not sloppy, a but has loss, consequences very serious, how to put an end to, this hope everyone to has understanding of tie, and do each step handling work, following focuses on to everyone explained piano, and calligraphy, and mahogany furniture in handling Shi need note of matters, hope to everyone brings help:

Piano moving notes:

Piano is a complex structure, need careful care of a musical instrument, improper maintenance, or incorrect handling will cause irreparable damage to the piano in order to solve the problem of user piano piano transport, piano network opened a special piano moving services.

move users in piano transportation, choose professional piano moving company, no experience of handling the piano General moving company, due to the lack of experience and methods, will damage your piano and the room.

Expert Tip:

Piano, generally around 200 kg in weight, in the handling process to operate according to the instructions box pattern.

handling is best not to remove the piano part, if special reasons such as space constraints must be experienced professionals.

when the climate is too dry, place the basin in the piano room, keep suitable humidity through evaporation of the water.

ground push Chin forward when it encounters a rough ground, avoid excessive force causing body tilting, harp rounds of broken or damaged parts.

do not open display or open on a rainy day at the piano handling.

handling box body tightness should be checked to prevent Cabinet piano damage caused by loose, during transportation to prevent violent vibration and bumpiness

pictures and handling Note:

calligraphy and painting collection is one of the most important category. Collection of calligraphy and painting in the National Museum, library, archives, expert management, storage conditions are relatively good, for system protection! handling is to pay more attention to the protection of:

calligraphy and painting application sheets wrapped or packed well!

moving pictures and must bring gloves;

Note that happened, pay attention to avoid the bump;

handling vehicles safe driving on the way, avoid bumps;

cannot move directly and transportation Cabinet, and should open the Cabinet. Remove the drug, and calligraphy and painting pictures in fixed places, so that painting is not in the box hit East against West. To a new place, and then back into the protection of drug, seal protection.

mahogany furniture removal Note:

when transporting or moving the furniture lightly move with care, not trying to pull and drag to avoid damaging the Tenon. Lift Chair class is not just the face, or come off easily, the right approach should be off the table two and chairs under the lower start; wardrobe, bookcase, best remove the doors, so that one can lose weight, two effective protective doors, avoid the activities. To move the heavy furniture, the safest approach is on the bottom of the furniture pad on a thick layer of soft cloth, soft rope back into the chassis lift furniture starts to move again.

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