Moving a problem how to do

new House is a good thing, to what the problem may be in the process of moving people disturbing the company moved. Recently, the Hangzhou company reminds consumers that move must not forget human rights. It is learnt that, due to the immaturity of the market and move the company's own problems, leading to disputes occur frequently, consumer complaints moving companies service quality also is on the rise.

according to China quality miles line Association introduced, currently moved company exists of problems including: some large moved company phone service personnel attitude insolent; approached of moved company and actual handling of company inconsistent; not in accordance with normal way handling, and not in accordance with box surface indicates or for protection supplies insufficient and caused items damaged; not according to agreed time or handling number arrived; precious items lost, and handling items parts lost; moved to half for price on not up, on put handling real threw in aside left ; Is not prescribed by a number of vehicles, and the mandatory resumption of "fare" and so on.

in this regard, China Association for quality around the pointed out that before consumers move to choose surrogacy moving company in Shenzhen. First to find a good reputation, and strength of the moving company, minimal moral and economic losses. Should avoid the telephone booking, nearest to the moving company negotiable, you can also learn about the company. Simple moving contract signed by both parties, endorsed moving time, location and price, in particular for valuables to indicate quality detail, price, as a basis for settlement of disputes. It is understood that under the civil law and consumer protection law and the relevant provisions of contract law, the moving company we should guarantee the safety of furniture items, if damage should be repaired, compensation or any other means shall bear civil liability.

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